Tuesday, November 10, 2009


An old friend from elementary school had a baby girl, Nevaeh, and asked me to take some pictures! She was quite the cranky one (unless mommy or daddy was holding her), but I think we got some good shots! She wouldn't sleep either, even when we tried for a round 2 photoshoot the following day.

Here's a very short slideshow of some of the pictures we took!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Leigh Gets Hitched!!!


For those of you who don't know... Leigh and I have been friends since grade 2. That's right... grade 2. We've known each other for allllmost TWENTY YEARS. Sorry, Dad... I know that must make you feel old, because it certainly makes me feel old.

Anyway... I didn't take many pictures at her wedding. Mathijsen was there with me because he is still nursing, so it made it hard to take any... but I got a couple.

I must say, Leigh looked beautiful as always, and I may have shed a few tears when she walked down the aisle. Congrats Leigh and Tanner! Now get on with that baby making business so I can take some pictures of your beautiful family :) Love you both!

Mathijsen in September :)

A quick update about Mathijsen!
The little bugger is almost crawling now! He has found a way to just pull himself across the floor and thinks that a combination of pulling and rolling make a great mode of transportation for him! He just got 2 brand new lower front teeth and is chewing on EVERYTHING!
He has a fascination with the cable box. Random, I know. I think it is the glowing lights.... I could put a hundred toys in front of him, he will play with them for a couple minutes, but when he notices the cable box... it's all over for those poor toys!
He smiles... A LOT. He's such a goofy baby, and oh-so-friggin' cute! He LOVES Koën more than I can explain. He hears Ko's voice and immediately looks in his direction and smiles. It's a good thing that the novelty of being a big brother hasn't worn off yet. I hope it never does for Koën because I can see where this is going already... Thijs is definitely going to want to be around his big brother all the time. :)

Koën's First Day of School!

I know I am a little behind on the updates (Sorry Mom and Dad!) so there will be a few at once!

Koën's first day of school was on September 15th! We walked to Williamsburg Public School where Koën had fun playing with playdough, marble mazes, and meeting new friends! His cousin Nathan is in class with him too! Mrs. Dybowski tells Nathan and I that little Nathan and Koën are very good friends and play together every day! Aaaand... they even get into trouble together already! During the second week of school they both got a little bit excited, were being a bit too loud and had to sit on the "Thinking Chair", aka Time Out..... 3 times. Yep- that's my boy! Although, everyday when I ask him "Koën, how was school?", he replies, "Good! No Thinking Chair today!". Phew! Two weeks down... how many more years to go???? Agh. Here are the pictures...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Long Overdue Update!

Just a quick update with some pictures of the boys! I finally got one of them together!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Paul and Kim's Wedding

On Friday July 10 I was lucky enough to shoot Kim and Paul's wedding!

Kim is my best friend Breanne's Mom, so I got to shoot the wedding to use the pictures for my portfolio! :) I was so happy to be able to attend the wedding- it was a beautiful day filled with lots of laughs... they are quite the "punny" family!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!

Here are a few of my faves!

Grandpa and Logan:


Breanne wearing Ruby's tiarra:

Saying hi to the golsfish!!! "DO NOT smile, Ruby!"

Kim is a florist and made her own bouquet!

They just wouldn't stop!!!

Everyone went to Rockway Gardens afterwards for a group shot.

Aren't they lovely?!

Announcing the newlyweds!

Nice shot Bre!


I haven't update the blog lately... OOPS!

So here are some new ones of the kiddies! The baby always lets me take his pictures!!! Koën finally let me take some pictures of him, but ONLY if he got to make silly faces. (He is still cute, even with silly faces!) And of course Princess Ruby let me take her picture! But that's because she is a princess!